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"Sorry Godot Bros" - Mark Brown

Godot will...not be the engine Mark Brown will use for his first attempt at making a game. Also, there's plenty of jams for October.

Mark Brown, from Game Maker's Toolkit, is making a game, and documenting the process on a new YouTube series.

Step one was to choose a game engine. Spoiler alert: he went with Unity.

But he also explained the process of choosing Unity over the many alternatives out there. I think a couple of his reasons are of particular interest to us.

First, this chart:

I don't have much to add. I think those results were a given. If anything, I like how Godot was put on the list as one of the top engines out there.

I mean, it is one of the top engines out there, but some people still regard it as a second class game engine. It's nice to see it up there with Unity and Unreal on a channel with over a million subscribers.

And then came...the apology

Sorry Godot Bros

After he announced the new series, just how many devs tried to proselyte Godot to him?. Quite a few, if I have to guess, for a line like that to be included in the video.

It's a bummer not to have a big channel like GMTK making a game in Godot, but hey, at least it was an option.

Three game jams starting now. One starting in November

Godot Fire Charity Jam 1


On top of the USD $1,138 in prizes for the top 3 games, this month-long jam's creator (@KyleTheCoder) will also donate at least USD $1,000 to the Godot project.

Winners will have the option to donate their prize to Godot too, if they want to.

It also seems this jam is here to stay:

So far, 180 devs have joined. There was a discussion on the Discord server about only one person per team "joining" the jam, so the total number of devs could be much higher.

Ludum Dare 49

  • Theme: TBD

Starting a few hours after this email is sent, this event probably doesn't need presentation.

Right now there are 3487 Signups and 4353 Unique Authors, and the themes on the final round are:

  • Unstable
  • Making connections
  • One tool, many uses
  • Decay
  • On / Off
  • Delay the inevitable
  • Keep your distance
  • Delivery
  • The environment changes you
  • Leave something behind
  • Everything changes at night
  • 3 rules
  • Replication
  • Strength in numbers
  • Summoning
  • It follows you

Devtober 2021

  • Theme: Nah we don't do that here

The most relaxed out of these three jams, Devtober is all about working on a project during the month of October.

No pressure on theme, no competition, nothing like that. This is the perfect jam for those devs looking to learn an engine or just finishing a project.

If you really want a theme, consider this: make something small - even smaller than you'd think - and focus instead on releasing it by the end of the month. Make something, polish it, debug it, test it, and push it to market. Make it your objective to make at least one dollar by selling whatever you've made, by the end of october. How does that sound?

1,227 devs have joined so far.

Gogodot Jam 2 - November

It's a shame the jam will be running on the same month as GitHub Game Off (I think?) because it'll split participants, but if the events are as good as those on the first jam, they will be a must-watch, for sure.

📰 Godot news round-up

  • GDNative's successor, GDExtension - "GDExtension is a new implementation of the GDNative layer that allows the creation of compiled plugins for the engine."
  • Reduzio talking about Godot 4 Alpha and why hasn't come out just yet.
    TLDR; it was a better option to make a big new version of Godot than to break compatibility every time a new major release was out.

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com