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Books, Reports, and Premium games

I'm liking the idea of a biweekly newsletter more and more, I have to admit, but nothing has been decided just yet.
Books, Reports, and Premium games
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The book will be mostly focused on data-oriented business applications connected to databases, APIs and websockets (assembling GUI, architecture and implementation).

is still very much a work in progress, but overall the book will be project oriented, covering the development of the following projects with the Godot Engine:

Developing a Business native desktop software, data-oriented, connected to a local database, remote RESTful APIs and real-time connected interactions with Websockets.

Developing a productivity mobile app.

Developing a productivity desktop tool.

Exploring Godot as an application framework and as a viable alternative to React, Qt, Flutter, Electron, et all.

Release Date? Late 2022/Early 2023.

And the author is not just anybody: Alfred is also the creator of Godello (a Trello-like board made with Godot) and the Godot Course "Dynamic Inventory System and UI".

Production Point book Cover

This book is not exclusively about Godot, but I think HeartBeast deserves to get a spot here considering his history as a Godot content creator. Besides, learning "how to plan and finish your game as a solo developer" is as, if not more, useful than learning anything engine specific.

The eBook starts at 15 USD and there are still 26 days left.

Dark Sheep: 1 Year Report

Read The Full Report on Reddit

DaisyGameStudio had already published the result of another of their game: Hack Grid, in March of this year:

Hack Grid Steam Sales and Revenue

Now they're back with a full report for the game Dark Sheep:

Dark Sheep 455 units sold

I highly recommend you to read the full thing on this Reddit post, but if all you want are the numbers, here they are:

  • 2,009,217 Impressions
  • 41.28% Click-thru rate
  • 829,355 Visits
  • 455 Sold Units
  • 21 (4.6%) Refunded Units
  • 1,298 Current Wishlists
  • 12.8% Wishlist conversion rate
  • Sales by platform: 84.4% on Windows, 8.8% on Linux, 6.8% on Mac
Another Godot game making the rounds this week was Bombom, a mobile game with 500+ downloads.

It was made by someone with about 6 months of Game Dev experience in around 4 months, in case you were wondering.

- Link to the Game (Android)

GOTM.io Premium Games system

Launching on May 14th

The premium section on Gotm.io is getting out of the beta stage a little more than a week from now.

Premium pricing page gotm.io

What do you need to publish your game in the Premium section of Gotm.io?  

There are two main requirements that need to be met: high level of quality/polish and at least roughly one hour of playtime to complete.

The artstyle does not need to be high resolution but it has to be consistent throughout the game. We recommend custom assets if possible but it's possible to be approved even if they aren't. - gotm.io faq

This will be the first Godot-exclusive games as a service product out there. Hopefully, it will bring good results for Gotm.io.

I'll keep an eye on the section and the pricing for later issues.

📰 Godot news round-up

  • Go Godot jam is back - Go Godot Jam 3 was announced a week ago, and this time there's a new format: Go Godot Jam - Classic will last for 11 days and it will be focused on a casual experience. For the more daring devs, Go Godot Jam ultra, hosted on Gotm.io instead of Itch, will last for 3 days and will have cash prizes.
  • GODOT4 Major Changes Overview & Demo
  • @Bramreth showing a nit little trick for Godot: how to overload the to_string() function:

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com