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19 Godot games on February's Steam Next Fest

[I don't know if anyone from Ukraine is going to read this, and there's not much I can do anyway, but still: Stay safe out there in this fucked up times. I know of at least one Godot contributor from Ukraine, Xrayez, and I hope he's alright. And fuck Putin]
19 Godot games on February's Steam Next Fest
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Steam Next Fest

You still have 3 days and some change left to play!

Two days ago, @Akien published a list of all the Godot games participating in this edition of the festival:

Below you can check the full list of games he found.

Fist of the Forgotten

Jump, punch, slide, and swing through the remnants of civilizations, facing powerful bosses to unlock new movement and combat abilities for your giant, mechanical fist as you seek out the remnants of humankind.

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Cat Cafe Manager

Travel to the sleepy village of Caterwaul Way and rebuild your grandmother's cat cafe. Renovate your restaurant, befriend the local cats and townsfolk, forge lasting friendships, unravel catty mysteries, and build a home for dozens of unique felines!

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BLASTRONAUT is a mining game in a procedural alien world. Explore, extract and profit.

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Monster Outbreak

It's a Monster Outbreak! The King's dimensional orb malfunctioned, bringing hordes of dimensional monsters into the Kingdom. As Yulia, the last survivor of the Royal Guard, defend your staging ground against the monsters, upgrade your arsenal, and survive long enough to find the orb and destroy it.

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Vanaris Tactics

Vanaris Tactics is a short narrative tactical RPG experience that tells a story about refugees fleeing their occupied motherland. You lead a group of refugees looking for freedom outside the walls of Vanaris, unite your people and use tactical prowess to escape your oppressors.

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Operation: Pinkeye

Operation: Pinkeye is a throwback first-person shooter where you play as a secret agent in an alternate Universe where the Acts of Union in 1707 never happened. Scotland and England remain independent and tensions between the 2 remain very high.

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Sokoban meets Greek Tragedy. Solve challenging puzzles that expand on the timeless Sokoban formula with new and unique twists that will knot your brain.

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BITGUN is an action roguelike zombie shooter with lots of blood and guns. Burn zombies with a flamethrower, shoot them in the face with a sniper rifle, or go berserk with a shotgun!

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Swords and Sandals Immortals

Gladiator! Grab your sword, equip your sandals and take on the world in multiplayer Swords and Sandals! Brutal turn-based combat where gladiators can lose limbs, wield guitars and yell so loudly enemy heads will fall off. This is the most fun you'll ever have in the arena!

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Dashpong is a fun and fast-paced arcade local multiplayer game. You create physics based paddles by dashing. Score goals by sending your paddles at full speed. Enjoy the game up to 4 players in local multiplayer, or with the Steam Remote Play Together.

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Circle of Kerzoven

Circle of Kerzoven is a city-building strategy game paired with an immersive simulation experience. Every animal and every plant tries to survive while you lead your entrusted creatures to a bright future. Expand to different regions or trade with local factions to gain needed resources.

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Blacken Slash

Tackle evermore challenging turn-based combat, let it rain tons of loot and refine your builds in this deep and difficult retro-minimalist roguelite with a great soundtrack and high replay value.

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Dashwalk Dueling

A minimalist footsies-based platform fighter—simple mechanics and visuals are the foundation for complex grounded-movement, creative combo routes, and fast-flowing combat. Choose from eight supers and reversals to dismantle the competition.

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Awakened Evil

Awakened Evil is an action platformer inspired by the classics. Jump and slash your way through intense linear stages that will put your skills to the test. Do you have what it takes to slay all the bosses, and take on evil itself?

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Candela is a challenging Platform/Puzzle game about Elu, a strange creature who wakes up in a world without colors and will try to fix it. You will face a lot of puzzles based on colors types while you need to be precise on your movements. Can you do both?

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Cosmos Conquer

The technologically advanced humanity starts looking for other planets to conquer. Now that the Earth is depleted of its resources, we're looking for them elsewhere. The Universe is open for us now - and it cannot hide any secrets. So how will you conquer it?

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The Pest

Solve challenging puzzles and avoid dangerous traps of the computer defence system in this puzzle-platformer game about a tiny optimistic computer pest heading to the System's Core. Will he plunge our world into chaos, or will he have mercy? It's up to you.

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Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape

Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape is a 2D puzzle game about path planning with exploration and collection elements. Skate through the icy and labyrinthine depths of Icemaze Cave. Explore the increasingly complex cave rooms and find your way across the icy floors to the exit.

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PumPum is an addictive hentai puzzle game with many hot girls that you must collect! Each girl shows off lovely graphics and animations!

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If your game is on the festival but not on this list, please let me know! just send me a message via Twitter (@Gonzalojs) or email me at contact@godotes.com

LUL inc. first month report

Spoiler: 592 copies sold - 57 refunds

Here's the Game

LUL inc.

LUL Inc. is a collection of 36 different microgames that will test your skills in a variety of genres. Can you beat them all and defeat the three evil machines?

Steam Page

Over the past few weeks, I've seen this game pop up here and there but I didn't really know what was its deal.

I even watched the announcement for the game, made in November last year: "Making a new forsen fan game together with 2Pfrog! - LUL inc. Development Logs - Part 1" and I thought, cool. Making a game for a particular streamer and catering to that community seems like a great idea. I'll check on the game in a few months to see how things are going.

That was at the end of November. It was published by mid-January, and now we're already getting a one-month report. Talk about speed!.

And it worked, too. It was played by Forsen, not to mention a bunch of other streamers I'm not even gonna pretend I know (I'm old, bite me!). You can check The Sea Horse channel for more streamers' videos.

Hell, Forsen even reacted to the report video posted only three days ago. And the game is apparently a regular in the Forsen subreddit. "500 of you retards bought LUL inc." received 571 upvotes a month ago (about a week after launching the game)

So, how did it do?

The video contains a TON of data. If you like detailed postmortem, you should watch this one.

The essential points: both devs made about $605 before taxes. About $2.53/hr

But you wanna know what the coolest part of the story is?

The game has a single negative review on Steam (out of 90). And the reviewer...hates Godot!

A friend of our pal Obey the fist? I can't say, but they sure have similar tastes.

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