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15 Godot Games in the Ukraine Bundle. Ludum Dare casual format

Ludum Dare 50 starts in a couple of hours and Dialogic 1.4 is out! Also, take a look at the Godot games on the Ukrainian bundle.
15 Godot Games in the Ukraine Bundle.  Ludum Dare casual format
Photo by Waldemar Brandt / Unsplash

[At this point I'm honestly thinking of making godotes a bimonthly or monthly newsletter given how little time I have to prepare it 🤦🏽‍♂️.  Meanwhile, here's a shortish issue before next week's Q1 report for 2022]

The 15 Godot Games on the Bundle for Ukraine

They are worth USD $79.6

Bundle for Ukraine

I know it's extremely tacky to measure things like these, but damn it, I was curious!

I'm not gonna be making any charts because all of these games combined represent about 1.2% of the total bundle. (which, by the way, raised over six million dollars! holy fuck)

The games are listed in the same way they are on the bundle and, like always, it's composed only of tagged games. There are definitely more Godot games in there.

8Bit canari pack TopDown - $4.99 USD

The CanariPack 8BIT TopDown was meant to help you complete your game with graphics and music in a very polished 8/16BIT style! Whether it's a Zelda-like, a Beat'Em Up, a Shoot'Em Up, a Roguelike or a Racing game!

Itch Page

Textreme 2 - $3.00

A fully functional text editor topped with a bunch of fancy features

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Cruel World - $6.66 USD

Learn how a platformer controls like you've never controlled a platformer before! Enjoy unparalleled freedom (roll and bounce and do weird shit!), and a thousand opportunities to klutz yourself into a pit of spikes.

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Eye of Ra - $5.00

Atmospheric Space Simulation

  • Played entirely within fictional operating system sMaat 9
  • Simulation of 250+ solar bodies (with light fictionalizations; see accompanying info.txt for data sources)
  • Exploratory narrative told through email, news headlines, and REGISTRY database entries
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Operation STEEL - $15.00

A shoot-em-up with roguelike elements and beautiful hand-drawn graphics.

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Spooky Station - $4.99

Spooky Station is a game pack filled with 9 ghostly games of all types. From an arena-brawler to a rogue-like, from a text-adventure to a shoot 'em up, and even a GameBoy™ game, this bundle is certain to spook your socks off!

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Quest of GRAAL - $9.99

QUEST OF GRAAL is a multiplayer platform racing game.

The goal is to reach the end of the level and grab the golden cup first! You can play alone against AI or with up to 4 players in split screen.

You can cooperate with other players to make it through the treacherous monsters and deadly traps that stand in your way, but you'll have to betray them to win!

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ParamediCats - $2.00

Play as an aspiring up-and-coming paramedicat in training, helping treat the sick folk of Meowingston county whilst on the move . We like to keep them extra happy by sending them off with an Ice-cream for being good.

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Mitos - Name your own price

Dead things don't disappear by themselves. Millions of microscopic organisms live and die to perform one of nature's most common acts. The body of a recently deceased rat is on the menu and you are here to take part in the feast.

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Viral Reload - $5.00

Viral Reload is an Infinite Wave based shoot-em-up with a unique dash mechanic. Blast away at deadly viruses and mechanical hybrids, as well as 2 unique bosses.
Dash through bullets, lasers, and enemies to stay alive and score!

Itch Page

Chunkyjuice - $5.00

A visual effect system (I think? the description is really not the best) with a Godot implementation

Source code can be bought for 5$ here or by subbing to the 3$+ tier on my Patreon.
Can be claimed HERE.

Project uses Godot 3.2.2 Stable.

Itch Page

Vylan - $4.99

Vylan is a 100 level tile-based platformer about beating each level under a certain amount of time.

Itch Page

Bring Back The Sun - $3.00

Bring Back The Sun is a short and challenging 2D Platformer. The goal is obvious - bring back the sun!

The focus lies solely on jumping right. No enemies, no spikes, no wall jumps, no double jumps. Only simple jumps will get you through the levels.

Itch Page

Dark Sheep - $4.99

Dark Sheep is a block-pushing puzzle game with horror elements, and a love letter to the Commodore 64, both in visuals and audio! Plays like classic Sokoban with new twists that force you to find creative solutions!

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Hack Grid - $4.99

Hack Grid is a hacking-themed puzzle game and love letter to the retro charm of DOS gaming, both in visuals and audio! Dive back into the 80's and become a hacker!

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📰 Godot news round-up

  • Ludum Dare 50, 20th anniversary edition - Ludum Dare is here once again, and this time with a new format: Extra. Unlike the other two, in the "Extra" format there are no winners, and you have until April 21st to submit. A casual mode for the devs that either can't or won't finish a game in 48/72 hours (hi 👋🏽) for The Compo or The Jam.
  • Godot VisualScript Twitter survey - @reduzio ran a poll about community's feelings about Godot VisualScript. With 2,274 votes, "I don't care about it" won with 53%, followed by "GDscript easier to learn" with 32.5%
  • Dialogic 1.4 is out - "This is the last big 1.something update. From now on, the team and I will start working on Dialogic 2.0" They will be fixing bugs and such but with no new features. Bellow the video with the most important changes:

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com