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Short Issue for lack of time. Next week will be an extra large edition
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This issue will be a special one because I'm out of time and I'm still going through the numbers I had prepared for today.

The theme of this week was supposed to be Paid Games made with Godot. I was going to take a look at the total number of games, revenue based on reviews, developers, studios working with Godot, etc.

And that's still the idea, just not for this issue.

In exchange, next week I'll publish an extra large edition with every little piece of data I have.  

In the meantime, I let you with a couple of numbers: So far, I've found 209 paid Games between Itch and Steam (I'm finally getting to non-itch games!)

I got the games on Steam from this amazing list from the Godot Engine community discussions.

The other 153 games are from itch Paid & Made With Godot category.

Spoiler: The games on Steam are doing, unsurprisingly, much better than the ones on Itch.

And that's it. I apologize for the lack of information, but next week I'll be sure to make the issue worth the wait.

📰 Godot news round-up

Official - New communication platform for Godot contributors

we are now moving all developer channels to the new Godot Contributors Chat:
Join chat.godotengine.org if you want to follow or participate in engine development discussions.

Official - Godot 4.0 optimization progress report

As most of the rendering features for the upcoming Godot 4.0 are done, I have spent the past two months optimizing the rendering engine, both on the CPU and GPU side. All this work has resulted in significantly faster rendering times.

Related tweet:

Shaders - GodotShaders.com

This one is great. The user pend00 created this website compiling shaders and snippets for the engine. So far, there are 28 shaders to put on your games right away.

The ambition with Godot Shaders is to offer one unified place where we, the community, can come together and help each other with anything shader related – shader code, examples, tutorials, etc. It is for the community and driven by the community. That means that everyone that feels they have a shader to share can simply submit it and have it posted directly to the site. All shader code posted on the site is under CC0-license (public domain) (Edit: MIT and GPL v.3 is now also an option) and free to use.

Tutorial - Project Setup and Intro to Godot (Retro Text Adventure Tutorial #1)

This first video is about making the window for the game

Reddit - Controlling Godot and webpage with an Arduino board through WebSocket.

I just can't get enough Arduino + Godot in my life

Reddit - /r/Godot compared to /r/Gamemaker

The user Feniks_Gaming compiled this nice graph pitting the Gamemaker and Godot subreddits against each other. /r/Godot just passed /r/Gamemaker in subscribers.

You can check the data by yourself on subredditstats.com.

Trailer, Reddit - Um Barco Voa (A flying Boat or A Boat Flies)

A Brazilian game with really cool aesthetics.

Extra - This is just something I discovered this week, but already a month and something old: gameuidatabase.com

A whopping 11569 screenshots, 325 games, and filterable by screen type, genre, art style, control scheme, layout, patterns, textures and more! - EddCoates

This is simply incredible. Do you wanna take a look at the Screens, Menus, States, or other information like that about a game? Then this is a website you wanna add to your favorites.

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com