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Godotes #6 - Complementary Software

Free and easy to find/use software are the most used when it comes to making games with the Godot Engine. Aseprite is the top one
Godotes #6 - Complementary Software
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Before starting with the software, I have a mini update on the number of Godot games on itch. And it was all thanks to this tweet:

"The second biggest"

I hadn't thought of that.

What is the biggest Godot Jam? Are there more Godot Jams I haven't accounted for?

So I went looking through my database and sure enough, there are 44 Jams with "Godot" in the title.

Cutting all the Godot Wild Jams, we are left with this:

For a total of 224 games. 211 after I cut the games from Unity vs Unreal vs Godot, unless they are tagged.

I probably already have a few of those games on my DB, if they are marked as "made-with-Godot", but the rest are still missing from this issue's stats, because I'm lazy like that. They will be all on my DB by next week.

And the biggest Godot Jam overall?

The Godot Community Game Jam - June 2018, with 107 entries and 3,632 Ratings.

Godot Community Game Jam - June 2018
A game jam from 2018-06-15 to 2018-07-02 hosted by Godot Engine, GDQuest, mhilbrunner, QbieShay & Akien. JAM ENDED - PLEASE PLAY AND RATE SUBMISSIONS! Time for a new Godot Community Game Jam, to have fun together making free and open source games with God

Hosted by Godot Engine and GDQuest (among others) it's not surprising that the jam was the biggest one yet. The number of ratings alone is kind of insane compared to the average Godot Jam.  I hope they make a 2021 version, now that 4.0 is coming up.

And that's the update. Now, let's talk about software!

Software used in combination with Godot

first, some clarifications.

The numbers are a mess. Even Aseprite, the most used software overall, is only tagged 615 times, and 424 of those are from 2020 alone. The second place doesn't even reach 500.  

Also, programs like Aseprite and Audacity are clearly not mutually exclusive, so the charts I'm going to be using are not a comparison of software vs software, but software use overall.

I would have loved to show comparisons of software by category, but honestly, there are just not enough numbers to go around and do it fairly.

And as an extra, there are some weird tools on the list. Some people marked their use of Sublime Text. And, I mean...ok, I get it, but I don't see the point.

But I understand them more than the developers using Unreal Engine and Construct with Godot.


Anyway, here's a Chart for you.


Full Size Image

This is pretty much exactly what I was expecting.

I don't think there's a single surprise on this list. Aseprite is only 20 dollars and can be compiled for free, so free and cheap software are the kings.

I would have expected more Photoshop users simply because of the amount of people using that software in general, but considering the new developer focus of itch, I see why GIMP is doing so well.

I think this issue is going to be a very simple one. Because what you see is what you get: Godot is mainly used for 2D games, and almost 50% of everything is for Game Jams, so a good, easy-to-use pixel art software is the number one option.

And the rest are all very well known, free, and/or easy to get programs with, in all likelihood, a hefty amount of tutorials.

Blender not being in the top 10 would have been a surprise. A top 5 is completely expected.

What about growth?

Full Size Image

The top 6 tools are the only ones tagged back in 2017 and during January 2021, so I'm only using them for this example.

and BAM! there goes Aseprite. I think at this point is fair to say that it's the number 1 pixel art tool in general, or close to it. As for the rest, not much to see.

GIMP is still growing, and its number more than double between 2019 and 2020, it's just that Aseprite is doing the same at a much faster rate: it went from second place, with 111 uses in 2019, to first place, with 424 uses in 2020.

Audacity, Blender, and Krita are all keeping a similar pace to each other. Though Audacity won the 2019-2020 growth race. Inkscape is probably going to lose its place to Bfxr this year.

Complementary software for videogame making are in a great place right now. Something that most likely everyone knew already.

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Some Cool Stuff:

📹 GodotKart Alpha Trailer: (I LOVE this one!)

Thanks! The game is not currently open source. The kart 3D model is quite simple, though the script on the kart controller is complex. Movement is all written in code on a KinematicBody, rather than using the physics-based VehicleBody. I can recommend looking at how people have done driving in other engines as well. This kart is a mix of different ideas I have gathered from many different places, and half of it is original code as well, so I can't really point to anything specific. - m5tuff

Godot Engine on a Raspberry PI 4:

Godot Engine on a Raspberry Pi 4 in action! from godot
TL;DW - It works great! :D
If you see any lag/delay, that's because it's a recording of a VNC client.
You can find the binaries for both the editor and the export templates here: https://github.com/hiulit/Unofficial-Godot-Engine-Raspberry-Pi - hiulit

Godot Dev Update:

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com