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Godot's Q3 2021

Finally! Pretty numbers, Q3 for Itch, Steam, Gotm, and /r/Godot
Godot's Q3 2021
Photo by Isaac Smith / Unsplash

Itch: 820 new games

The period Jul-Sep saw 820 new games made with Godot on Itch.

The big spike at the end of August was because of Godot wild Jam's third anniversary event (Godot Wild Jam #36 - Our third year!). The other one was the Stop waiting for Godot Jam, and its 298 entries distributed across a week.

I didn't wanna put every singe game jam causing some of the other spikes on the chart, but it has been a busy couple of months for sure.

A curious thing about Itch (maybe Steam too? we'll see!) is that as time passes, more games published on any given month are made public so, over time, the total goes up. I found 868 games on Itch in the Q2 report. That number is now 938. That's an 8% increase in only a couple of months. So the 820 from Q3 will surely go up too. I'll take a look at that on the 2021 report.

Steam: 63 new games

Thanks to SteamDB's new engine detection tool, we can finally have access to a pretty good picture of how Godot is doing on Steam. These guys are so cool they have their own chart, and you can just download the data, no scraping required.

I'm putting the first nine months of the year to have a better idea of how things are going, and a quarterly chart to boot.

Gotm.io: 312 new games

Gotm, like SteamDB, has no problem releasing their data to the public, which is awesome, and they too provide a chart, which makes it uber-awesome:

312 new Public games between Q2 and Q1. I only got 113 scraping their new front page. I don't know what's that about, but I have to remember to ask them one of these days.

/r/Gotod: 6,486 new members

This is from redditpagemetrics.com, if you are wondering.

The sub currently ranks 6019 on Reddit, but this issue is supper late, so I don't know how was doing right at the end of September.

I'm skipping YouTube this time. I wanna try doing something a little different with that.

All in all, everything is looking really well. Especially the Steam games department. I need to take another look at that with the new data available.

📰 Godot news round-up

Tilemap2Tileset 2.0

What else can I say other than "It looks incredible!!".

Version 2.0:

  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • Better Save featur
  • Presets
  • More future prove
  • Much much faster processing (like 7000% faster) Thanks to Asher Glick & gokiburi skin over on Github

Rémi is offering to try your Steam Game on his SteamDeck

AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution comes to Gadot

Ok, so this is big news, and you definitely should read the article, but if I'm being honest, I just wanted to post it here to have an excuse to put this picture:

Supper petty, I know. Especially because they're praising Godot...but come on! It hurts!

But really, read the article.

Or watch this Linus Tech Tips video on FidelityFX Super Resolution:

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com