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Go Godot Jam 2 and GitHub Game off 2021 have ended.

Go Godot Jam 2 and GitHub Game off 2021 have ended.

The voting period for Go Godot still has a little more than a day to go. The Game Off 2021 voting period has almost an entire month left (~29 days, 1 hour)

That means, no results just yet. Bummer. Once they're done, I'm gonna make a postmortem for all the big jams done in the last couple of months, and one for the Go Godot jam event.

In the meantime, I want to answer a simple question: has Godot usage changed in the past few years in the Game Off game Jam?

I would like to make this for every multi-year non-Godot exclusive jam out there, but while I'm waiting for the results, I just do this quick one first.

GitHub Game Off 2017-2021

A couple of clarifications about the data:

  1. It only includes the last five events, because those are the only ones on Itch. Previously (since 2013) they were hosted directly on GitHub. It's a lot easier to check on Itch, so I'm sticking with it for now (tho I probably should go through every repo. The data would be a lot more precise if I did).
  2. The percentage of people taking their time in adding the engine of choice on Itch, at least on this event, is about ~38% in average. The thing is, this number goes up as time passes and people edit their entries. With the end of Game Off 2021 only a couple of days ago, that number is sitting at a paltry ~22.8%. To avoid any drama, I'm just going to assume this makes no difference 👌.

    (The percentages of devs filling in the made with category in the Game Off jam are as follows: ~38.8% in 2017,  ~37% in 2018, ~37.2% in 2019, ~39,8% in 2020, ~22.8% in 2021, so far)
  3. The number of participants on the jam hasn't grown steadily every single year: 2019 was weird, it had only 223 entries, while there were 322 on 2018. Then it went up to more than double in 2020, to 493 (and then to 539 in 2021).

Wtf is going on with 2017, right!?

I don't really know what was that. Godot 3.0 didn't come out until early 2018, so it probably wasn't just Hype.

The Game Off page for 2017 does show a Godot logo in their banner. But I'm not sure if that was enough to do the job

Hell, That year Unity only got a ~27.6%. Since then Godot hasn't won again, so something was definitely up!

Still, about 20% a year not counting 2017 (~23.42% counting it) is not a bad number at all. And 2021 it's higher than any of the previous 3 years.

By next year Godot 4 stable will be out (probably) so maybe we'll see another big jump?

That'd be nice.

📰 Godot news round-up

Blender 3.0 is out

Probably the biggest news today for some of us:

  • The video bellow is the official Features Reel Showcase. If you want a more detailed explanation, HERE you can watch GameFromscratch video.

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (part 1)

It's finally time for the long-awaited post about the new multiplayer replication system that is being developed for Godot 4.0. Below, we will introduce the concepts around which it was designed, the currently implemented prototype, and planned changes to make it more powerful and user-friendly. - Fabio Alessandrelli

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