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Sonic Colors: Ultimate - Made with Godot?

Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Tesla Inc. App animations were made using Godot? Yep!

Godot being the engine behind Sonic Colors: Ultimate was something I heard a few months ago when it made the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, but I completely forgot about it until yesterday, when @reduzio (Juan Linietsky) posted this on Twitter:

He said, when asked about the confirmation:

"Seems afaik somebody managed to get a patch for the game from Nintendo servers, and found all sorts of Godot related data, although pointing towards a heavily modified engine."

I haven't been able to find the files (I'm really bad at this) but there are a couple of other images doing the rounds.


An artist who worked on the games posted this image on an Artstation page now deleted:

That perspective text on the top left corner is a Godot option for 3D games that let you select the perspective you want to use while working on your game

It appears by default. And it's a dead giveaway.

I don't know why am I explaining this to a group of Godot developers, but there you have it.

This is what the Sonic Fandom wiki has to say about it:

On 28 May, 3D artist Brian Connelly, who worked on shaders and VFX, shared his work on ArtStation.[11] One of the examples features interface element of open-source engine Godot, possibly meaning this is the engine the game is now built on. This lines up with a LinkedIn profile of a Blind Squirrel Games developer which mentions an open-source engine.[23]

What if it was just an artist working on shaders on Godot before porting them to whatever engine they used for the development?

This was a question raised both on Twitter and Reddit, but, as user @Addmix points out

Do keep in mind that art station screenshot, godot uses GDSL, so shaders wont be copy paste to other render engines, so if he were ok only using godot for quick prototyping of a shader I doubt we would see it there.

What would this mean for the Engine?

Hopefully, development money for the engine, if this gets enough attention. That would be the best case scenario, I presume.

To work on a game of the size of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Godot would need to be most likely heavily modified, and chances are that custom version will never see the light of day (although I'm not familiar with Sega's history with opensource contributions). But even so, this still proves that you can make top tier games with the engine.

And let's not forget about Godot 4.0.

Read the following thread for a more informed opinion

I'm gonna keep asking around for the files of the games to check them if I can. And even if I can't find that patch, the games will be out on September 7 anyway.

Also, this week was supposed to be Gotm.io's issue, so that one is coming next Friday. Hopefully a little earlier than this one and with some extra content.

📰 Godot news round-up

  • Keeping up with the Godot on the big leagues theme we have going on, Tesla is using Godot for the animations of their android app:

A few month ago Tesla posted a job application for a software engineer with Godot knowledge. I guess this explains that.

  • User @icotom made few charts using the steamDB's engine usage data

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