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Godette Engine

Godot is now Godette and Dialogic is finally ready for the big leagues. Lambda functions are now a thing on Godot 4.0
Godette Engine
Photo by Luis Quintero / Unsplash

The Q1 report will be delayed until next week because I'm waiting for the results of the Gotm.io Jam #3 (It will finish in two days and some change).

Besides, this week had a couple of things worth mentioning, starting with:

Godot rebranding as Godette Engine

April Fool's Day came with an official announcement for the upcoming overhaul of the Godot Engine

Godot no more

A good way to put an end to the Logo discussions on the community, as the article pointed out.

Since Godot was open sourced, we received countless amount of criticism from a small vocal minmajority of the community, pointing out the lack of professionalism of the Godot logo.

But even bigger than the logo and name changes, were the ones focused on making Godot more "commercially appealing":

moving the engine to a premium shared revenue model, increasing the download size to a few gigabytes, and making any kind of help or support paid.

The rebranding took over the Discord server and a new Twitter account was created: @godetteengine

still, as mentioned by the twitter user @BroganKing89, godetteengine.com was not part of the deal, and is still available for purchase, at least as of the time of writing this issue.

That would have been way too much work, probably. Although it would have also been a nice touch. Maybe next year?

I don't think many devs were fooled by the move, but it was nice nonetheless.

Dialogic 1.0 is out

Whit this version, the "non production ready" warning was removed from the GitHub page. Dialogic is in the butter zone now.

I'm gonna be playing around with the plugin this weekend in preparation for an upcoming jam (Spanish) focused on visual novels and other narrative-focus games.

The user Vee on the Dialogic's Discord server made this mockup using some Ace Attorney assets:

Assets from Ace Attorney
Youtube DevLog

Lambda Functions ready for Godot 4.0

A lot of people excited about this one, but also a good amount wondering what the hell are Lambda functions and why is this a big deal, so, here are a couple of good answers on the issue provided on the Reddit post:

It's basically using functions as variables. You can pass them as arguments and create variables of type "Function" (or Callable in Godot, based on the screenshot). You can then use the variable to call the function from somewhere else, maybe even a place where the function wouldn't be on scope. - dancovich
Passing in a callback as a variable. Mapping over an array. There are numerous applications, check out functional programming. Basically abstracting over behavior, not data. - kings-lead-hart

📰 Godot news round-up

Online GodotCon July 2021 - Call for participation

The call for participation starts on the 2nd of April 2021, and finishes on the 25st of April 2021.
We encourage anyone interested to send us a proposal for a talk, workshop or any other format of knowledge sharing that you have in mind. We are looking forward to see any topic that relates to Godot in some form. You could showcase your project, talk about some nifty tools that you have developed, detail your process for game development with Godot and so on.

Editor improvements for Godot 4.0

I really recommend you to read this one.

While I am far from being the only contributor working on editor-related tasks, I put together a list of everything I have been working for the past two months! - Juan Linietsky

The list:

  • Improved Subresource Editing
  • Improved and reorganized Project Settings
  • Improved Process/Pause mode
  • Preview Sun and Sky
  • Default Importer Settings
  • New 3D asset import workflow
  • Ability to "keep" files
  • Threaded importing

Release candidate: Godot 3.3 RC 7

This 7th Release Candidate fixes a number of regressions which had been introduced since 3.2.3. Nearly all critical regressions have now been fixed, so we should be able to release Godot 3.3 stable in the near future.

What comes after Godot 4.0?

60 Days until the next #PitchYaGame Awards

Heads-up people. We are now just 60 days until the next #PitchYaGame Awards.

Tuesday June 1st is the qualifier round (when we call for your pitches) followed by the official awards ceremony a few weeks after.

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com