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Go Godot and #PitchYaGame

The largest Godot jam ever with 181 entries and a solid contender for the PitchYaGame in Lila’s Sky Ark
Go Godot and #PitchYaGame
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

Welcome to another edition of Godotes! We have two things to talk about for this week:

  • The Go Godot: A summary of an amazing, hopefully yearly, event
  • #PitchYaGame: A handful of games to track before the results are out

With over 81 hours of content between tutorials, interviews, and streams, and 181 entries in what is (I think) the largest Godot-only jam to date, the Go Godot event was a sounding success.

A recurrent one, I hope.

  • The 41 videos published so far have amassed 32,296 views
  • Assuming every viewer watched the whole thing (a little optimism never killed anybody), there have been 47,340 hours watched so far
  • The most used tags, in descending order (minus Godot): 2D (93), Singleplayer (48), Pixel Art (41), Short (24), and 3D (18)
  • 10 games were tagged "My First Game Jam". Favorite tag so far
  • The "Made With" section is not worth mentioning. More games used the Godot tag (43) than the "made with Godot" section (40). I wish Godot game jams pushed for it a little more. Last time I checked, with the "Godot Wild Jam" games, around 27% were using this section. This time that number went down to 22%.

There's still plenty of time to rate the games competing on the jam (two full days)


The #PitchYaGame event this week saw the biggest amount of submissions so far, with 1086 entries.

I could only find a handful of entries with the #GodotEngine hashtag (16), so not a lot of representation. But still, there's one that takes the crown, at least from what I've seen so far:

Lila’s Sky Ark

When I imagine what kind of games I would like to see made with Godot and getting into the spotlight, I think of games like Lila's Sky Ark.

Top-down, pixel art, 2D adventure set to launch on February 24, 2022.

This game looks awesome.

Announcement Teaser

Made by the Monolith of Minds, a German two men studio (brothers) behind Resolution, Lila's Sky Ark made it to the top of the list of the PYG spreadsheet. 190 if you go to the Tops page.

I'm not sure about the list, because there are plenty of games with fewer likes on Twitter with better positions than Kika's Sky Ark. I imagine it was the positions they had when the list was made?

regardless, I'll be following the results on the stream, although the competition is tough!

Same as with the "Made with" section on Itch, I wish devs would use the #GodotEngine hashtag more often.

📰 Godot news round-up

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