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19k peak daily active users

Official Godot numbers: 19k peak daily active users and 2-4m installs

Hello again!

Have you been watching the Olympic games? yeah? is you country doing well on the medal department? also yes? I'm SO happy for you! not salty at all 😭!

Before jumping in: I'm preparing a couple of pages to keep up-to-date data on recurrent subjects like Godot games on Itch, Steam, or the Godot Wild Jam results, and other stuffs like that.

I'm going to put them on dedicated pages, think of godotes.com/Itch for all the numbers you could possibly want/need about Godot games on itch.

The first one of such pages  ̷s̷h̷o̷u̷l̷d̷  will be ready in the next couple of days. A permanent Godot Wild Jam report, to be updated after every event.

You'll find them on the navigation bar.

Official Stats

A couple of weeks ago, Juan Likietsky tweeted this:

The charts he posted are from subredditstats.com and this one from Google trends:

(Here's the rest of that query)

19k peak daily active users is my favorite number from the list, and probably the most important. Not to mention not one you could normally get as an outsider.

The best number you can get, as far as I know, without access to the account's admin panel, is that of concurrent players, and an estimation of owners.

You can use Steamcharts or Steamspy for that, and they will tell you Godot has a 91 concurrent players peak (from March 2021), and between 200k and 500k owners.

I don't even know if "owners" is the same as "installs" in this case, but let's assume they are. Which is the most trustworthy metric?

Back in 2018 after Steam made everyone's library hidden by default, Steamspy changed the way it calculated game sales/ownership. This is what Sergiy Galyonkin had to say on the subject:

How accurate is the new Steam Spy?
Not very accurate, to be honest.
I have the data for around 70 games from different developers, and for 90% of them, the new Steam Spy is within 10% margin of error. But I also saw some crazy outliers, where the difference between the estimates and the real data could be fivefold.

Now, this was a few years ago but still, I'm very much inclined to take Juan's 2~4 million installs as the most realistic number, over the 200k~500k owners of Steamspy.

I don' have to much to add. The numbers are pretty, and as always that's all that matters.

So: everything is great. The  end.

Now please go tell your country's athletes to stop taking all the damn medals. Thak you.

📰 Godot news round-up

  • The Kenney saga continues, this time with a platformer and a 3D game:
  • The Garden Path campaign has reached $22,861 out of its $27,842 goal. There are still 13 days to go!
  • Twitter users @AzagayaVj and @FreddyTurbina22 made a tool for converting Godot animations to Aseprite files:
  • Unity devs will need Unity Pro to publish on consoles - I'm leaving this here mostly as an "Open source projects are the best" note. "Unity developers starting new projects will now need either a Unity Pro license or a Preferred Platform License Key to develop for these platforms."
    A crappy situation a lot of devs are dealing with right now, I'm sure. Here's one of them, from Reddit:
currently my game is built with unity2019LTS - So trying to avoid this massive paywall, remember its not just $1800, its $1800 per seat... If unity insist on payment I'll likely switch to unreal and port the game, which would be a massive pain. - IndependentBody9006

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com