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Word Game: Biggest Godot Game of 2022 (So Far)

Word Game: Biggest Godot Game of 2022 (So Far)

EDIT: I added a note updating the revenue estimation of Word Game. The rest of the article remains as it was originally published.

Word Game

Word game is literally a game of words. Player controls "I" to find clues between lines, delete words to change the meaning of sentences, or shift words to rewrite facts. “I” must be wise and brave enough complete the mission of words. May the best "I” win!

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Initially, this issue was supposed to be about Cruelty Squad. Its development history and whatnot.

I wanted to look at the best-selling Godot game on Steam, and with ~$2,219,805 in Net Revenue according to the Steam Revenue Calculator (I know it's not perfect, but it's all I have), that title was set in stone.

Other contenders like City Game Studio (~$211,000), Legend Creatures (~$262,000), Turing Complete (~$212,000) and Luck be a Landlord (~$803,000) were also on my radar.

but checking the list again, I found a game I hadn't noticed before.

With 3,622 reviews (3,406 positives, 216 negatives) and a Net Revenue of ~$1,827,240.00, Word Game (《文字遊戲》) catapulted itself to the second place only 4 months after launch, and it's really close to Cruelty Party already.

It has been pointed out to me that most of the sales of Word Game came from Chinese regions, which makes a ton of sense.

Therefore, because of regional price differences (in China, the game is ¥48, or $7.20, instead of $34 like in the US), the Net Revenue of the game falls way short of the ~$1,827,240.00 previously estimated.

At $7.20 per game (mostly), the more correct number is probably closer to $386,945.00

At $34, the game is also probably the highest priced Godot game on Steam, if not overall, not counting Sonic Colors: Ultimate ($39.99)

On top of that, the prequel of the game (number 6 on the image), Word Game: Episode 0 (free) it's the highest-rated Godot game on Steam, with over four thousand reviews and an Overwhelmingly Positive evaluation.

@Akien did mention the game in October of last year, so I knew of it, but because it hadn't launched yet, it went in one ear and out the other.

And there's also this:

English language not supported

The game is literally built using Chinese characters only, so this makes sense. Translating it to English or any other language would require I can't even imagine how much work. I mean look at this:

Everything is a word. How do you even begin making that work in English or Spanish or something?

I wish I could talk more about World Game. Not only because is one of the top Godot games right now, but also because is such a cool concept.

But alas, I don't know the first thing about Chinese and most of the information I've been able to find is in mandarin.

What I can say is that the game won an award for Best Innovation at the Taipei Game Show's Indie Game Award 2021

Hank Chen, co-producer of Team 9 (Taiwan News photo)

That's Hank Chen, Team9 member, during the event.

And here he is giving an interview. In Chinese, of course:

That is it for now. I will come back with the mini dive on Cruelty Squad tho. They are the top dogs on Steam, at least until Word Game takes over.

📰 Godot news round-up

  • GoGodot Jam 3 started yesterday - The theme for the classic event is Evolution. There are 785 participants and almost 9 full days to go.
    The theme for the ULTRA edition is Too Much Power and there are a little under two days left. The prize pool so far is $390.9 and 24 jammers are participating.
  • Gravity Ace launched on Steam for $9.89 yesterday whit a 34% launch discount
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