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Godot's Q2 2021

The Second-quarter report of 2021 is finally here. Itch.io, Youtube, and Github charts for the Apr-Jun period.

After two weeks of life got in the way, Covid restrictions, and no internet for a while, I'm finally back! hopefully for good this time.

Let's jump right in:

Godot's second quarter of 2021 mini report

I'm dividing it into Itch games, Youtube, Github issues, and a couple of other things. I'm still missing Twitter and Discord.


Look at that June 13th spike!

That's what 153 games in a single day look like. The power of the GMTK's Game Jam must be respected. The one in April 26 (56 games) was because of Ludum dare 48.

Considering that this quarter had two of the biggest jams of the year, is unsurprising that the total of games made with Godot saw a ~15% increase since the last one, for a total of ~868 games (~114 more than the ~754 from the last quarter)

I'm going to skip some of the numbers I posted last time because they honestly don't really change much over time, so they're not a good quarterly comparison. I'm only keeping the ones I liked the most.

  • ~33% of the games were published in April, ~25% in May, and ~42% in June
  • ~36% of the games were published on a Sunday; ~19% on a Monday.
  • For platforms exports: ~71% Windows (up 8%), ~69% HTML5 (up 11%), ~34% MacOs (up 1%), ~45% Linux (up 4%)


The 103 videos I found on Youtube between April, and June have amassed 623,565 views so far (mind you, some of those are from July), and a total of 172068.3 hours of watch time.

This means one thing: I made a really dumb mistake on the Q1 report regarding the total amount of hours of watch time. For now, it says 32 hours total. I'm going to be updating that as soon as possible with the correct amount.

  • The average number of views on a video is 6,054
  • The average time of the videos is 18.62 minutes
  • ~38% of the videos were published in April, ~31% on May, and ~31% on June
  • ~52.4% of the videos are 10 minutes or longer

Github Issues

I'm adding this Github chart to keep it as a comparison point for future quarterly reports. the most important numbers:

  • 638 Issues were closed during this period, and 621 were created and remain  Open.
  • 7 issues were closed per day on average

Jams and Reddit

During this period, GOTM.io game jam was moved to the GOTM platform, so I'm not including it for now, as I will soon publish a number on gotm.io as a whole.

  • As for the Godot Wild Jam: The events 32 to 34 had 256 total entries (up ~20%) in this quarter, and 3,549 total ratings (up ~6%).
  • According to subredditstats, /r/godot got 5,295 new subscribers between April 1st, and June 30th with 51 "Posts per day", and 138 "Comments per day". (These are 24 hours averages, not averaged over time)

And that's it for now. Any suggestions on what to add to future reports concerning important stats that I'm missing (I'll get you one day, Twitter scum!) will be greatly appreciated

📰 Godot news round-up

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