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Godotes #8 - Youtubers

I listed a few of the top channels to follow if you wanna learn Godot. There are a lot to choose from!
Godotes #8 - Youtubers
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This one was a tough one to finish!

I talked a little bit about it on the last issue, but the classification was a problem that, in the end, I couldn't completely solve.

The basic gist of the problem is that no matter how I put together the data, the resulting classification was unfair to some of the content creators. For example:

  • By Number of Videos - Yeah, this one is pretty bad even without an explanation. But still: There are some channels that have been working on Godot content for years now. Here's a GDQuest Intro to Godot game engine video from 2016. The channel alone has over 300 Godot videos! (If I counted correctly). On the other side of the spectrum, there are YouTubers like Martin Donald and his 8 videos, all of which are among the highest quality tutorials I could find. (Seriously, they're incredible)
  • By consistency of uploads - As in, how often does the channel publish a new video/ how many videos has the channel published in the past year?
    This one was tempting, and it was the original idea for the issue, but it just doesn't work for a couple of reasons, some of which are:

    1. Most of the channels I found are not Godot exclusive. There are channels with a very trustworthy schedule, like GameFromScratch, with sometimes multiple videos per day, but that only sporadically makes Godot content/tutorials (Tutorials are around ~3,33% of the total uploads if you wanna have a number)
    2. Some of the creators work on Godot projects outside Youtube. GDQuest is a great example of this because, on top of the videos they publish, they also work on paid courses, written tutorials, and even on the Godot Official Manual. Pigdev, Youtuber and GDQuest tutor said on his last video that he's been working on a tower defense course for GDQuest.
  • By Type of tutorial - I really like this one, and if I had the time, I would have done it. Is the tutorial about 2D, 3D, Control nodes, other Godot functionalities, multiple topics at once, plugins, etc, etc. There were simply too many options. Even cutting the options to a minimum I still would have to go through every single video, at least a little bit, to see what it was about (sometimes the title is all but useless).

There were other classifications (length, views, production quality, etc) but you get the idea: except for the last one I mentioned, every system left me with a result that intended to give the channels a grade of sorts. And that's just...not good. I am in no position to tell you what channels are better than others, nor do I feel comfortable making a classification like that.

So, then what?

Then, forget about nice charts for this issue.

I am putting up a list. And it will be ordered, but undifferentiated by any measure of quality.

the criteria will simply be the percentage of Godot content compared to the total number of videos on the Channel. That's it. I'll also mark the "top" channels according to the size and the very malleable opinion of Reddit and other classifications I'd found.

Is this methodology better than the others?

Nope. Not really.

Among other problems, the percentage of Godot content vs total videos doesn't mention quality or production value. It also doesn't take into account what the other videos touch upon. A lot of Gamefromscratch's videos are about game development news, some of which could be of great value for Godot devs (asset bundles, courses, software updates, reports, etc). Stating that they are not useful for Godot devs would be nonsensical. BornCG, one of the most recommended channels for Godot devs, has a huge amount of Blender videos, and only ~11.9% of Godot content. Does that mean that it's an inferior channel compared to Godot Tutorials? Not at all!

Also, there are channels that used to make content for other engines but then went full Godot. So even if they don't score really high up, that doesn't mean the content they are currently publishing is not VERY relevant for Godot developers.

So, when it comes to the list, please don't take it as a "First place = best channel" thing. I just wanted to have a somewhat useful, Β albeit not exhaustive or strict list to work with.

I also wanted to showcase some of the channels that may not be at the top of other lists out there, because of their size, despite putting nothing but great quality Godot videos.


Name Videos Godot Videos Godot Content Link
Godot Tutorials 125 125 100% πŸ”—
Dave the Dev 26 26 100% πŸ”—
Martin Donald 8 8 100% πŸ”—
Rungeon 62 61 98,39% πŸ”—
Game Development Center 76 74 97,37% πŸ”—
Angega studios 38 37 97,37% πŸ”—
Stein Codes 20 19 95% πŸ”—
Emilio 60 56 93,33% πŸ”—
Iaknihs 35 31 88,57% πŸ”—
Jmbiv 56 47 83,93% πŸ”—
Umaipixel 53 43 81,13% πŸ”—
Alberto Valo 36 29 80,56% πŸ”—
Crypting Coding 77 58 75,32% πŸ”—
PigDev 89 66 74,16% πŸ”—
Code with Tom 22 15 68,18% πŸ”—
Game Endeavor 43 29 67,44% πŸ”—
Garbaj 74 47 63,51% πŸ”—
GDQuest 510 301 59,02% πŸ”—
Gonkee 78 39 50% πŸ”—
Ombarus 90 44 48,89% πŸ”—
KidsCanCode 200 95 47,50% πŸ”—
Mister Taft Creates 349 82 23,50% πŸ”—
Raformatico 41 9 21,95% πŸ”—
Irwin Rodriguez 224 43 19,20% πŸ”—
Hearbeast 382 51 13,35% πŸ”—
BornCG 227 27 11,89% πŸ”—
GameFromScratch 1441 48 3,33% πŸ”—

As you can see, the bottom three channels are also some of the most respected and prolific ones. And that's exactly why this list should NOT be taken as a measurement of success.

These channels have a combined 4493 videos in total and 1511 of them are Godot tutorials. I tried to exclude live streams from the list (And that's why some other good channels aren't in there)

Also, there are plenty of channels I didn't put on the list for a myriad of reasons, so please don't think this list encompasses the whole of Godot tutorials out there

The channels in green are either the ones you are most likely to find if you look for Godot content (and the most recommended ones) or the ones I personally like, but maybe don't see as often as I think they deserve.

Game Development Center is the top example of that.

The channel is by no means an obscure one. In fact, with 10k subscribers, it's probably on the upper half of the list (most of the channels are very small) and yet, I honestly think is not enough.

It published its first video in September 2019. It was a 37 minutes video titled "Godot UI Tutorial | Godot Inventory System Part 1". And it set the tone of the channel pretty damn well.

No video on the channel is under 10 minutes long. The norm is for them to be between 15 and 30 minutes each, and they are all amazing. I don't think there's a single video not worth watching if you want to learn about Godot. Some of the series you'll find are "The Combat Series", "Godot Multiplayer" and the "Player Development Series". All absolutely recommended.

The channel should be up there with GDQuest, HeartBeast, and BornCG in subscribers.

The truth is, you could make a whole issue with any one of the channels on the list. Hell, I probably should make an issue just for GDQuest, because they have more than earned the right.

Even if this Issue doesn't turn out to be what I was expecting, if even one person gets to know one new channel dedicated to Godot, I think it'll be worth it.

Among the small ones, I should mention Martin Donald channel (1.87k subscribers): 8 videos of the highest quality (AAA-like) on topics that you will not find just anywhere.

The latest video, called "Christmas special, making it snow" tackles snow and how to add it to environments and objects, and it even inspired qbieshay to make a shader for Godot, available already on the GDQuest shaders repo.

And I think that would be it for today.

I could literally write a ton more about the channels on the list (and the ones that didn't make it) because there's simply a lot to talk about, but the point will still be the same: Godot is doing really well on the tutorial department. I mean, not Unity-really-well, but there's a lot to choose from nonetheless.

Most of the tutorials are for beginners and not so much for seasoned devs, but that's what I would expect from a "new" engine like Godot. And the channels working on it continuously are hopefully here to stay, so the content will be eventually created.

Also, I'll keep working on this subject for a little while, at least until the Godot Q1, because I wanna compare the number of tutorials from Q1 2020 and compare that to 2021.

The next issue will also take care of the paid courses. I imagine the quality on those is a lot higher than the average Youtube video.

Once more: sorry for how long this took to get out, and the lack of meat on the chart departments (I really like charts) but I just really didn't wanna publish something showing half-truths. And getting all the charts would be too time-consuming.

πŸ“° Godot news round-up

I'm very happy to announce that, starting today, I will be working as a full-time developer for the Godot! I'll be able to spend most of my time on engine development, mostly focused on all rendering tasks. First goal: occlusion culling - JFonS_

  • Official - The "Encrypting save games" satirical piece has been removed from the Godot documentation after some drama.
    You can find the relevant Twitter threads
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    Apparently, the page had been giving the Godot team some headaches since the beginning, so they remove it to keep the peace and avoid extra drama. And I have to say, I get it. I loved the page in question, but if it's bringing free drama their way, and not much more, they removing it is probably the right call.
    Still, I'll miss it.

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