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GMTK Game Jam 2021

Godot was the second most used engine on the GMTK's Game Jam, 2021 edition. There's still time to vote for the games.

We don't usually get game jam charts from the people running the events, sadly enough. However, this week Game Maker's Toolkit's Twitter account published a breakdown of the game engines used during the GMTK's game jam 2021

Engines used for GMTK Game Jam 2021

The numbers are probably an extrapolation of the "Made with" category results. At least that's what it looks like on my end. And I get why: Only 1,338 out of the 5,828 entries used the "Made with" section (~23%).

They also do this every year, apparently. And a Reddit user (golddotasksquestions) took the time to put the charts together and change the Godot's color to blue:

Engines used for GMTK's game jam, year-over-year chart

They did what I was going to do but better because they have fancy extrapolations and year-over-year charts. And I say kudos to them for doing it! There could never be enough game jams charts out there.

That tells us how Godot is doing compared to other engines, but not who are the devs behind the games. To get that, we  can only rely on the 149 entries that were "Made with" Godot:

  • 252 developers finished 149 entries
  • 97 were solo developers (one of them presented two entries), 25 were duos, 26 worked on teams larger than three.
  • Aseprite, Audacity,  GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Krita were the top 5 tools used for Godot devs.
  • 2D, Singleplayer, Pixel Art, Short and Top-down were the top 5 tags. ~62%, ~37%, ~35%, ~20%, and ~12% respectively
  • So far, Games made with Godot have been rated 5,385 times, with an average of 36.4 ratings per game.
  • 29 games have 50 or more ratings, while 14 games have fewer than 10
  • Eyedol Contact is currently the most rated game, with 169 ratings. Whale eater is a close second with 146
  • HintOfLime was the only Godot developer with more than one entry on the list (not that I was expecting anyone making two games for the same 48 hours jam). The games, Boxtrosity and Pull yourself together have 85 and 52 ratings each.
  • GMTK streamed on YouTube games from the jam on 5 different sessions. And it just so happens that the first game played on the very first stream is a Godot game called 'Stuck: to be a rock', currently sitting at 46 ratings. realjavabot put a link to the Godot engine website on the title screen, that's how you can tell the engine because they still forgot to use the "Made with" section.

I'm also leaving a list of the games with 10 ratings or fewer, to try and get them some extra players:

📰 Godot news round-up

  • Itch.io's Top 20 Games of May 2021's video was released and two Godot games made the list: Oceanwork, a PS1-looking game made originally for Ludum Dare 48. and Blackout, a point & click adventure also made for Ludum Dare 48.
  • A new Godot 4's 3D demo:
  • Gamefromscratch made a video about Fracture, a Godot project/plugin for "fracturing and cutting polygons" in the Godot engine

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com