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A poll, a logo, and two Kickstarter campaigns!

Reddit user @Feyter ran a poll on the Godot Subreddit to see how many devs donate to Godot, here are the results:

Out of 671 devs, ~84.5% say they have never donated to the project. 15.5% have donated or currently donate.

That latter ~15.5% is divided between hobbyist (~11.6%), Solo devs working on a commercial project (~3.13%), and Team/Companies (~0.74%).

I wish Feyter had added more options for those who haven't donated to the project, to get a better picture, but this is still pretty good, I say.

The conversation was interesting too, if you want to take a look. "I'll donate once/if my project makes any money" was the most repeated comment.

The logo was presented on the official Gogodotjam's twitter account. Just a little over a week before the second version of the event begins, and it was followed by the new Discord channel being made public. The first person to find the link on the Twitter account (no announcement has been made just yet, as of the time of writing) was Discord user @bflanagin. (Congrats!)

Helms of Fury Kickstarter campaign, and GDQuest's first week

It took a little over a day for Helms of fury, a "2D action rogue-lite featuring big pixels, fast combat and crazy abilities, with a focus on replayability in all aspects of the game!", to reach ~34.5% of their total Kickstarter goal of USD $12,147 (or CA $15,000). Still with 28 days to go, the campaign sure had a good start.

Still, it pales in comparison to GDQuest's first week on their latest Kickstarter campaign: Learn to Code FROM ZERO with Godot, the Free Game Engine.

Last week I mentioned that they had reached their goal while I was preparing the newsletter issue and that I hoped they would double or triple that by the end of the campaign.

I was naive.

The campaign is sitting right now at ~328.8% of the original goal of USD $23,255 (€20,000), and they still have 9 days to go!

Take a look at those numbers:

  • €5 or more: (About €6) 49 Backers
  • €40 or more: (About €47) 347 Backers
  • €95 or more: (About €111) 185 Backers
  • €265 or more: (About €309) 95 Backers
  • €35 or more: (About €41) 200 Backers (GONE)

Could they double the USD $76,581 (the number, again, went up while I was writing) they already have? Crossing all the fingers!

Godot Pre-alpha build that could have been Alpha 1

This one came out just as I was sending last week issue.

Full Link: https://downloads.tuxfamily.org/godotengine/testing/4.0/4.0-dev.20211015/

Make sure to give it a try! I did!

If you have anything you want to share with the Godot development community please let me know by sending an email to contact@godotes.com